4th - 6th June 2019
Portsmouth, UK

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Through Life Support Focus Day: 5th June 2018

With navies now looking to have an efficient and effective network in place to support vessels that are in service, coupled with the need for modernisation and updates the Through Life Support Focus day will look at how nations are now adopting new methodologies and frameworks to help manage through life support.

The Through Life Support Focus Day will be chaired by Rear Admiral (Retd) Steve Brunton CBE, Former Director Ship Acquisition, UK MoD, DE&S


The in-service management of surface vessels is a significant consideration for navies around the world. Efficient and effective management of the maintenance, repair and modernisation during a platform’s operational life is a challenging balance of resource management and operational availability.

Implementing efficient management structures and integrating contactors into though life support systems will significantly promote the cost effectiveness of future vessels. This session explores various strategies for the support of vessels in service.


Many nations are now faced with the challenge of managing platforms operating beyond their original design life, which must meet new and demanding requirements. These changing demands on naval platforms must be planned to ensure successful integration and efficient implementation of modernised systems. Failure to do so will adversely affect platform effectiveness. This session explores planning for upgrades to in-service vessels and the process behind modern designs for future agility.


Contractors managing the in-service management of naval platforms must be able to meet the demands of operational platforms. They need to be able to conduct maintenance, deliver replacement parts and restore capability anywhere in the world, often at short notice. The following session will explore the challenges this brings and describe recent operations that has led to vessel maintenance on operations.

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